We have big growth plans and we are looking for great talent to become part of our journey.

Why Veylinx

The driving force of human civilization is our ability to trade and work together on a large scale. This requires that people understand each other's wants and needs really well. The sooner you know what people really want and need, the sooner you can determine whether you can meet that want and need.

The leading cause of business failure is lack of demand and it can take a lot of time before a business realizes this. Behavioral science provides the tools and knowledge to understand what people actually value. Veylinx exists to use this field of knowledge to minimize the gap between supply and demand.

from academic project to tech market research scale-up

Veylinx started as an academic project to find the most reliable method that predicts what people will buy. Common research methods rely on what people say, which has, time and time again, shown to be unreliable. Anouar, one of the founders of Veylinx, became interested in research methods that ask people to vote with their wallet. He discovered that a small group of economists and psychologists have been using experimental auctions to generate realistic consumer insights. However, there was no easy and quick way to conduct these types of studies. Not much longer after that, Veylinx became the first online experimental auction platform.

Working in Product at Veylinx has taught me a lot about engineering, design, team management and, of course, product development. At Veylinx, developments are rapid and our strength is adapting to changes. I’m really proud of what my team has been able to accomplish so far and the way we work together with other teams. We stay ambitious and keep looking out for new product opportunities.

Linde de Ruiter
Product Manager @Veylinx Amsterdam Office

The Veylinx principles

This is what guides our actions

  • Customer Value
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Short Feedback Loops
  • Attention To Details
  • First Principles Thinking
  • Clarity
  • Thoughtful Consideration, Forceful Execution
  • Don't Reinvent The Wheel
  • Play Hard

Perks & Benefits

no fancy stuff, just the plain truth

  • Company lunch (who's not hungry)
  • International & diverse team (14+ nationalities)
  • Autonomy (can you handle that)
  • Grow together with us (your ambition motivates us)
  • Offices Amsterdam, New York and Casablanca (who knows when you get to travel)
  • Flat organization (we listen to your opinion)
  • Every quarter different fun activities organized by team members (bootcamp, podcast club, ...)
  • Contribution for home office equipment

At Veylinx, our Engineering team is laser-focused on delivering value for our customers by building innovative solutions to complex problems. All of which has created a great environment to develop skills, solve interesting problems, and grow professionally with a team that aspires to be the best.

Farid Ouachrar
Software Engineer

Join us

you might just be a fit if you have a keen interest in behavioral research and find a job below

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Our Recruitment Process

What can you expect?

Step 1: Getting to know you

During the first meeting we want to get to know who you are. We do this by asking you a couple of questions about your expectations, preferences and most importantly how you behave in different situations. Our purpose is to establish whether Veylinx would be a good environment for you and vice versa.

This is a conversation, so take the opportunity to ask us as many questions as you want.

This step should take approximately 45 minutes and we usually do it via Zoom as a video call.

Step 2: Show us your skills

Depending on the role you are applying for, we will give you an assignment which you can work on in your own time. The assignment can be a video recording of you presenting something, doing a pitch, crafting a process, or other tasks. Most of these assignments need to be sent to us for a review, unless you are asked to present something in person. In that case this meeting can take between 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 3: Meet your team lead

It’s important that you get to know your team lead and for them to understand your past experiences and future expectations. You need to understand what the role entails, what your typical day looks like and how you can grow at Veylinx. Make sure you leave with all your questions answered. While video calls are great, this meeting we ideally like to do in person. 45 minutes should be enough time for both parties to ask the most important questions.

Step 4: Meet other teams

Depending on which team you join, you will be interacting with other teams, therefore it’s important to meet your extended colleagues and understand how your work impacts them and what they can expect from you. Try to get an understanding of the inter team dynamics. This step is optional and may take up to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Meet our CEO

Another optional step is to meet our CEO. Get inspired by his vision, future plans and learn more about our culture and the leadership team. We like curious minds, so prepare a couple of questions that you’d like answered in this 15 to 30 minute long meeting.

Step 6: Offer

If you made it this far, congratulations, you’re one signature away from joining Veylinx!

How can you succeed?

  • Come prepared. Do you research about Veylinx, what we do and why you would like to join.
  • Ask questions. We like curious people and we encourage you to ask many questions.
  • Be yourself. We look for authenticity instead of rehearsed answers. Try to be as specific in your answers as possible.
  • Some of our meetings are via Zoom. Make sure you test earlier the connection, your microphone and speakers to avoid technical issues at the start of the meeting.

Company offices

Amsterdam, Casablanca, New York

New York

New York office




Casablanca office

Our team

The people behind our company

Founder & CEO
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People & Operations Specialist
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Software Engineer
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Global Learning Lead
Marketing Coordinator
UX/UI Designer
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